2006-2011                                LIC School of Sculpture,  Queens,  NY
2006                                            Repin Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia
1997-1999                                 The Sculpture Center, New York, NY
1992                                            Lyme Academy of Fine Arts,  Old Lyme, CT
1985                                            Smith College,  Northampton, MA,  B.A.
1983-1984                                 Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris,France


2019                                              Century Association,  NY
2018                                             KMRarts,  Washington Depot, CT
2017                                             Snug Harbor Farm,  Kennebunk ME
2012                                            Ten High Street , Camden  ME
2009                                            Gallery B ,  Sag Harbor,  NY
2008                                            Ten High Street,   Camden,  ME
2006                                            Riverside Studio,  Pottersville,  NJ
2005                                            Riverside Studio,  Pottersville, NJ
2003                                            Grenning Gallery,  Sag Harbor,  NY
2002                                            Grenning Gallery,  Sag Harbor,  NY
2001                                            Grenning Gallery,  Sag Harbor,  NY
2001                                            Premiere Etage Galleries,Ltd,  Newport, RI
2000                                            Grenning Gallery,  Sag Harbor,  NY
1999                                            Lizan Tops,  East Hampton,  Ny
1999                                            Premiere Etage Galleries,Ltd,  Newport, RI
1998                                            Hermine Merel Smith Fine Art, Martha’s Vineyard,  MA
1997                                            The Donovan Gallery,  Tiverton,  RI
1997                                            Hoorn-Ashby Gallery,  Nantucket,  MA
2017                                             Portraits – Copley Society, Boston, Ma
2017                                             Grenning Gallery,  Sag  Harbor, NY
2016                                            Masters of Realism,  Sag Harbor, Ny
2014                                            Riverside Studio,  Pottersville  NJ
2012                                            Riverside Studio,  Pottersville  NJ
2011                                            Ten High Street, Camden,  ME
2010                                            Ten High Street,  Camden , ME
2010                                            Riverside Studio,  Pottersville,  NJ
2009                                            Pen & Brush ,  New York, NY
2009                                            Copley Society,  Boston Ma
2009                                            Ann Long Fine Art,  Charleston ,  SC
2008                                            Riverside Studio, Pottersville,  NJ
2008                                            Copley Society,  Boston Ma
2007                                            Grenning Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY
2007                                            Copley  Society,  Boston, MA
2006                                            Hampton Road Gallery, Southampton,  NY
2005                                            Grenning Gallery,  Sag Harbor,  NY
2001                                            Copley Society,  Boston,  MA
2000                                            Copley Society,  Boston,  MA
2000                                            The Cooley Gallery, Old Lyme, CT
1999                                            Keogh & Reihlman, New York, NY
1999                                            St. Botolph Club, New York, NY
1998                                            Lizan Tops, East Hampton,  NY
1998                                            US Artists,  Philadelphia,  PA
1998                                            Copley Society,  Boston, MA
1998                                            The Cooley Gallery,  Old Lyme, CT
1997                                            Hoorn-Ashby Gallery,  New York, NY
1997                                            US Artsts,  Philadelphia,  PA
1997                                            The Cooley Gallery, Old Lyme, CT
1996                                            US Artists,  Philadelphia,  PA
1995                                            Copley Society,  Boston,  MA


2007  Francis L. Markey, Founder- R. Markey& Sons, Inc,  New York, Ny
2009 Daniel Edelman, Founder – Edelman,  New York, NY
2009 Daniel Edelman, Founder-  Edelman, Chicago, Ill
2010  Robert M.arkey  Steele,   Steele Hall, Canterbury School,  New Milford, Ct
2010  Daniel Edelman, Founder   Edelman,  London,  UK
2014  John E. Schmeltzer,  Fordham Law School, New York, NY
 2016 Ruth Edelman,  Edelman, New York, NY
2016 Ruth Edelman, Edelman, Chicago,  Ill
2017                                              Finalist,  Portrait Society of America
2017                                               Meritorious,  Richeson 75
2017                                             Merit Award,  Copley Society, Boston Ma
2014                                            Merit Award,  Portrait Society of America
2009                                            Second Place,  The pen and Brush, Inc,  New York, NY
2009                                            Circle Scholarship Award, Copley Society,   Boston,  MA
2008                                            First Prize-Patrons Choice ,  Copley Society,  Boston ,MA
2007                                            A-Z awakening Award, Copley Society,  Boston    MA
2006                                            Bryan Family Foundation Award, Copley Society,  Boston  MA
2000                                            Utrecht Award for Excellence in Art,  Copley Society, Boston,  MA
1995                                            Richard & Mary Schroeder Portrait Award,  Copley Society, Boston, MA


New York Academy of Art